The Beauty of Printing

Have you ever looked at a photo and instantly felt a rush of emotion? Photos have the power to not only remind you of feelings long passed but also transform you back into a time otherwise forgotten. Think back to a time when you tried telling a story. Was it easy? Could you remember every detail? Often times it's difficult to recall these details. Now, grab a photo. Can you remember where you were? Is it easier to recall the memory? Indeed!

We try to preserve the important parts of our lives. We dust off the camera or hire a photographer during our major life events. Celebrating a child's birth, a marriage, and birthdays are events we want to cherish for years to come. These become the important days of our lives and capturing these moments is vital. Photographs help build the graphical representation of our lives and allow us to share those moments with others. They ultimately guide in telling our story.

This is why, as a portrait photographer, I recommend having images printed. Not the entire session, but a few. A few images you can mount on your home or office wall to remind you of an important time in your life. An image that will transcend you back to a time long gone.

I challenge you to not only share digital images with your friends and family but to also print and surround yourself with your images. Let the memories take hold and allow you to relive your life's greatest moments!

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I'm a Hampton Roads photographer who works with families in Yorktown, Newport News, Hampton, & Poquoson.

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